About Valerie

I drew my first horse at the age of 5 and haven’t stopped drawing since then.

After receiving my BFA from UCLA, teaching middle school for 3 years, and working 24 years as a California state employee, I retired in 2007 and returned to my passion: drawing and painting horses.  The beauty, power, grace, and personality of the horse has always fascinated me and  my dream is to someday own horses and divide my time between riding and my art.  Until recently, most of my work has been in colored pencil and graphite, but I’m constantly striving to expand my horizons. 

My objective in my work has always been to present the horse as a majestic, dynamic animal with a multitude of color combinations to delight the eye, whether the viewer is a horse lover or not.  I hope to continue growing as an equine artist but always be open to new directions and adventures in a variety of media and subject matter.

I have won awards in various art shows in California, and more recently won best in show at the Deschutes County Fair.  I now plan to divide my time between riding my horse and capturing the hearts of Oregon horse lovers through my artwork.  To sum up my work, my art is not just a presentation of the horse, it is a celebration!

Since moving to Oregon in 2011, it has been a dream come true for my husband and I who look forward to enjoying and being inspired by the amazing natural beauty of Central Oregon.


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You look marvelous! Looking forward to seeing more of your art!
-- Stephanie Cissna, 8/8/13